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Creabels: Personalized Labels

Official Member Comic Cards

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I Love Comic Book Stuff! After all, Who doesn't? Comics are awesome! They  are fun! It's fun to watch comic movies, or dress up as comic characters and go to comic conventions. But the thing that I enjoy most about comics, is the awesome community built around them. One of  those communities is the facebook group: I LoveComicBook Stuff. It's a small group, but it's filled with awesome members from all around the world. If you are not a member, and you love comics, then I HIGHLY suggest you request to join the group. CLICK HERE!

One way that we try to keep comic collecting fun is with our "Official Member" cards.


In order to qualify for a card, you must PROVE that you own the book.
To prove that you own a book, You can do one of the following:

  1. Send a picture of your book(s), with your name written on a piece of paper in the picture  (The name must match the name the cards are shipped to.)
  2. Send a picture of YOU with your book(s). (face must be showing)
  3. If your book is currently visiting CGC (or any other grading company) you may send a picture of your receipt that shows that book with either your name in the picture, or your face.

Unless otherwise noted, your comic must be the FIRST US PRINTING of the book.

Upload your image(s) when you place the order. You must have a copy of each book for each card. For instance, if you want two X-Men 266 cards, then your picture must have two copies of X-Men 266 showing in the same picture.

Orders that do not include images will either be cancelled or refunded the amount for the card not shown.

About the Cards

  • The cards are usually exclusive the the facebook group: I Love Comicbook Stuff. I generally only offer them in free giveaways in the group, but when I release a new set, I will make the available to purchase. In the past I have used Kickstarter for these, but this is probably much easier.
  • Each card is hand made and is numbered.
  • Most cards are limited editions, so once they are gone, they are gone.
  • Cards are made of layered card stock and recycled comic boards and covered in a clear film.
  • Cards are the size of a standard Credit Card.
  • These cards are fan-made. They are NOT licensed by the respective comic companies.

What is a Signature Series?

The Signature series cards are for those who have that certain book signed by one of it's creators. There are only two cards in this category: Spider-Man 300 and Spawn 1. Your picture must show your comic signed to qualify for this card. (it does NOT have to be graded or certified)

Second Printings

Some of the cards have versions for the second printings. Those are the only cards that do not have to be first printing. The Killing Joke card has a version for ALL OTHER prints other than the first print. The cards for the second printings will be different in some way.

If the card you want is sold out...

The available quantity for most of the cards is so that I know how many complete cards I have on hand. If the card that you want is sold out, send me a message either here or on facebook to let me know. I may be able to get some more listed. So far only 1 card is sold out completely and that is X-Force 1. I have a very limited quantity of the Amazing Spider-Man 361 card as well as the Spider-Man 1 cards.


Please Note: After I ship out orders I can not
control how long it takes to be delivered. If you are in a hurry and
need your item quickly, Please purchase the Express shipping as it is
the only option that the USPS will guarantee. Most priority packages
will arrive in the US in 2-4 days. Most Standard shipping in the US will
arrive in 4-6 days. Neither of these are guaranteed. I can reship the
labels if it seems that your package had gotten lost in the mail,
however I can not offer refunds if your package is late.  

Be sure to enter your Address correctly. These
are hand made personalized items, so I can't give a refund if you enter
the wrong address.

All Orders under $50 Ship USPS First Class. Orders $50 and up are upgraded to Priority Shipping at no additional cost.
You can Upgrade your shipping to Priority (2-5 days, Not guaranteed by USPS) or Priority Express (1-2 days, guaranteed by USPS)


All Member Cards are printed on heavy paper stock. These cards are not made of plastic.


The member cards are the same size as a credit card.


I can send a refund or reship if the cards are damaged upon arrival or if they do not arrive to the address listed.

Customer Reviews

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Billy Merendino
Punisher 129

Love it!

Ronnie Ostrom
Great product!

Membership cards were even better than advertised! Speedy shipping definitely will do business again

Jeffrey Caravalho
Spider-Man 1 cards