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Personalized Label to fit Jim Beam Bottles

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How Many Labels do you need?

Personalized Jim Beam Bottle Labels for any occasion.
These make great custom gift items for Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Best Man, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Baby Announcements, Godparents, Birthdays, Holidays, Memorials and anything else you can think of.

  • Labels are Printed on Adhesive Paper, (No glue is required)
  • Each label in the sets can have different info and/or image.
  • This Listing is for the labels only. (bottle not included)
  • Upload an image for one or both sides.


Take a look at the samples and templates in the images. If you see one you like, please refer to that one. If you want to try something different, just let me know.
Please give me the following information and refer to the template for placement of each number.

NOTE: The 1.75 L version does not have a Side B (Spots 7 & 9) .
  1. Standard or short phrase
  2. Name or title
  3. Crest, Bow tie, or send a symbol or logo
  4. Event, Names, or Standard
  5. Date, Name, or Phrase
  6. Rings, Age, Date, Symbol, or Standard
  7. Date, Name, or Phrase
  8. Side A: Picture, phrase, paragraph, or paragraph and picture
  9. Side B: Picture, phrase, paragraph, or paragraph and picture
Note: Images will be converted to Black & White and sized/cropped to best fit unless otherwise requested differently.

    The above are suggestions, please see examples in the images or feel free to ask me any questions before you order.

    After you order, I will design your labels, send you a proof. After you OK the proof I will print and Ship.



    Once you place an order, I will send a digital proof to you via Email. Please look over the proof for any errors. We all make mistakes and this is our attempt to catch them.
    Please respond to the proof with an approval, or let me know if you would like any changes. If changes are requested, I will make the requested changes and send a new proof. Once a proof is approved, I will have the labels printed and shipped ASAP.

    If I don't get a response within 5 days of sending the proof I will go ahead and print and ship the labels without getting them approved. Please check for proofs and respond. (Please check your SPAM folder as well)
    I try to send proofs within 24 hours, but please allow up to 48 hours.


    If you need multiple Labels of the same design message me with Style, Quantity and size and I will get a quote to you.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!


    I always recommend getting a proof. Getting a proof may extend processing time a day or two, however it ensures that you get exactly what you want.

    Once you place an order I will send a digital image of what your order will look like. Please look over the proof for any errors (either on my part or yours).

    Please respond to the proof with an approval, or let me know if you would like any changes. If changes are requested, I will make the requested changes and send a new proof. Once a proof is approved, I will have the labels printed and shipped ASAP.

    I send the will send the proofs to your email or to your mobile number. Please check your SPAM folder for the proof email.

    I try to send proofs within 24 hours, but please allow up to 48 hours for proofs.

    ***If I don't get a response within 5 days of sending the initial proof I go will ahead and Print and Ship the item without it getting approved. So PLEASE respond to messages. Unless otherwise discussed.

    If you choose NOT to get a proof, please make sure that ALL of your info is entered correctly and clearly. If I make a mistake on the label, I can reship, however if the info entered is incorrect, I can not offer refunds, and you may need to re-order.

    Production Time

    Orders Generally take a 3-5 days for creation once you place your order.
    Delivery time depends on your location, and which shipping method you choose. I will send a proof within 1-3 days of order. If you need the labels quicker, please let me know and I will try to work with you if at all possible. (Be sure to tell me exactly what you want on the labels).


    Please Note: After I ship out orders I can not
    control how long it takes to be delivered. If you are in a hurry and
    need your item quickly, Please purchase the Express shipping as it is
    the only option that the USPS will guarantee. Most priority packages
    will arrive in the US in 2-4 days. Most Standard shipping in the US will
    arrive in 4-6 days. Neither of these are guaranteed. I can reship the
    labels if it seems that your package had gotten lost in the mail,
    however I can not offer refunds if your package is late.  

    Be sure to enter your Address correctly. These
    are hand made personalized items, so I can't give a refund if you enter
    the wrong address.

    All Orders under $50 Ship USPS First Class. Orders $50 and up are upgraded to Priority Shipping at no additional cost.
    You can Upgrade your shipping to Priority (2-5 days, Not guaranteed by USPS) or Priority Express (1-2 days, guaranteed by USPS)


    All Labels are printed on Adhesive paper. No glue is required for Application.


    Labels will be the same size as the original labels.


    I try to be as fair as possible with orders,
    but please keep in mind that these labels are handmade and personalized for you, so I can only offer refunds in certain cases. In either case, I will try to work with you to get your label to you as soon as possible. If I can not offer a full
    refund, I will get you a fair price on a replacement. In some cases, I
    may just ask that you pay shipping on the second shipment.

    I always send a proof so that we can all double check the label for errors.

    I CAN offer a refund or reship if:

    I send the wrong size
    Label is defective
    Design/Spelling error on my part
    Shipment is lost in mail for longer than 2 weeks

    I can NOT offer a refund for:

    Shipping delay (Except for Express Shipping)
    Wrong Shipping Address Entered when ordered
    Wrong or misspelled info Entered when ordered
    Wrong size ordered

    Applying Labels

    All of my labels are peel and stick, so no glue is required.
    I recommend removing the original label before adding these.
    To apply:
    Lay the bottle on a flat surface. If the bottle is round, put something one each side of it to keep it from rolling.

    Remove the backing from the label.
    Hover the label over the label until you are confident that it is right above where you want it.

    Press the center of the label down first. Slowly press the sides down making sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles.
    That's it!

    Removing Original Labels

    I always recommend removing the original labels first.
    Some labels are easy to remove and some are stubborn.
    I recommend peeling what ill easily come off first. Then, soak the bottles in cool water for about 15 minutes. Peel the label off again. You may have to repeat these steps.
    If you get the label off and there is still some glue residue then you can try isopropyl alcohol, finger nail polish remover, or Goof Off or a simple scraper.

    Bulk Orders and Multiple Labels

    Do you need multiple labels of the same design?
    Most of our listings are set up for individual designs on each label, meaning that you can get different names on each label in the set. We also offer bulk sets for the 50ml labels. These are discounted sets with the same design on each label.
    If you need multiple labels of the same design, a quantity not listed, or a bulk order of one of the larger labels, please contact us before you place an order and let us know:
    1) Which style label you are interested in.
    2) Which size you will need
    3) How many you will need.
    4) How many total designs (and how many of each).
    The more info you can give, the better we can quote.
    You may send messages to

    Customer Reviews

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    TINA F.
    Mother In Law Points!

    I have not yet attached the label to the bottle but it is awesome! I am so happy I found this site. I ordered a label for a Jim Beam bottle highlighting my son in law, (who's my favorite child 😉lol)! The label looks great and was done beautifully and so frigging quick. I am very impressed. I will definitely earn bonus points this Christmas and my son in law is going to get a kick out of it! Thanks for the great work!